Last updated: 16 December 2019

We are BVB construction support. At our core, we are a secondment agency in the construction industry. In particular, we mediate construction site personnel. When you get in touch with us, we ask you for a number of personal details. There are various forms of contact and the questions may be different for each form. Each form of contact has a different purpose. You are responsible for what data you provide to us. You decide what you want to provide. You naturally ensure that the data you provide is correct. We are responsible for safeguarding your data. We will not share it with others without your permission.

The different forms of contact.

Visiting our website

You can simply visit our website. We ask you to accept our cookies. We promise we will not do anything with your personal and traceable data. In fact, we cannot see it. We only use anonymous data to count how many people visit our website and to see which vacancies are viewed the most. Please also read our cookie policy.

When you respond to a vacancy on our website that appeals to you, only then do we ask you to share personal data with us. We obviously need to be able to assess whether there is a match between you and the vacancy a client has submitted to us. We need personal details such as your address, e-mail address and telephone number in order to contact you. Once you have entered these details, you must tick one of the boxes indicating that you consent to us keeping your details safe.

Contact by phone
When you call an employee of BVB bouwsupport, the call is not recorded. We do not record your conversation. However, the employee may make notes about the conversation. Again, your details will not be given to third parties without your permission. If we need your CV or would like to introduce you, we ask you to give us your permission by e-mail. According to the AVG Act, you must also consent to the retention period. We will save this e-mail with your personal data.


Data you send us via Whatsapp is secure and cannot be read by third parties. WhatsApp adds end-to-end encryption to all messages.


We will only store your e-mail containing personal data if you have requested this from us. If you do not explicitly state this and we do want to use your data, we will first contact you and ask for your written (by e-mail) permission.

Personal contact at the office or on location
Would you like to meet a colleague in person? If so, this can be done at one of our offices or at a location near you. These conversations are confidential. During this contact, we both get the opportunity to tell you what we expect from each other. If you have not yet given us your personal details, you can do so during this meeting. We also ask you to sign a form agreeing the retention period of your personal data.

How long do you give us permission to keep your data?

We ask you to give long-term permission in writing. After all, we may not be able to make a match immediately, but may see a good possibility of this happening in the future. After all, there are several opportunities during your working life to find a better job. We like to help you develop personally and can therefore offer you a great job at several points in your life. We call this term: 'during your working life'.
You can also choose the option for us to keep your data during the vacancy procedure. In that case, we will keep your data for one year. It may be that you are not the one who is hired for this specific position, but that we expect a similar vacancy for you in the near future. We call this period: 'during the vacancy procedure'.

What happens when you send us your CV and details?

Access your data?

Would you like to see the data we hold on you? Please contact a consultant or send an e-mail to:

For other privacy questions, you can also email

You may come across our vacancies on the BouwVacatureBank: https: // We have a partnership with this construction bank. You can therefore simply trust these listings.