Our organisation

Our organisation has been active as a specialist in the field of employment mediation in the construction industry for over twenty years. Initially, we focused mainly on recruitment & selection and secondment of office staff. Due to increasing demand from our clients for skilled workers, we decided to focus on this market as well. We now operate with great speed and enthusiasm, particularly in North and Central Netherlands.

BVB construction support

As a contractor, we relieve you of all your worries regarding construction site personnel. As labour intermediaries, we have earned our spurs. We have 20 years' combined experience in North-East and Central Netherlands in the entire construction sector. No challenge is too big or too small for us. We have a large network of skilled workers and freelancers

How we work

We guarantee that you can hire construction personnel through BVB in accordance with all applicable laws & regulations. We hold all the required certifications and affiliations. These include the Labour Standards Foundation (SNA), ABU, VCU and bpfBOUW. Being a good employer and working safely are our top priorities. Every employee is equipped with PPE, VCA and you can count on our support where necessary on the building site. We know our employees, which enables us to make the right match. With an eye for your continuity and our employee's future