Are you self-employed in the construction industry?

Then we can do something for each other! BVB is also there for the mediation of ZZP'ers. You make use of our network of clients. We offer good conditions and fast payment terms.

We are fully aware of the DBA Act

BVB works according to an approved model agreement from the tax authorities. We also ensure that agreements, as set out in the model agreement, are observed in practice. What do you need?

  • A recent extract from the Chamber of Commerce
  • Valid proof of identity
  • VCA Vol certificate
  • Company liability insurance
  • Tested power tools

BVB provides tailor-made assignments and clients!

We take care of contract processing, time registration, invoicing and debtor management. As a ZZP'er, you are professionally competent and perform the work at your own discretion and independently. Operational matters, such as planning, are discussed with the client. You are responsible and accountable for the quality of your work

BVB for your future

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